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Oklahoma Inmate Records

Oklahoma inmate records document the official information of offenders held in correctional centers, state penitentiaries, and county jails across the state. Public records may include general information such as the name, registration number, and date of birth of the inmate. Inmate records may also include details of the inmate’s offense and status as well as the location of the housing correctional facility.

Oklahoma Prison Structure

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) is tasked with the administration of the state’s prison system. It is responsible for the management and security of over two dozen correctional inmate institutes (state prisons), including community correction centers, private prisons, and a state penitentiary. The corrections system is divided into four security levels: minimum, medium, and maximum security. While most facilities are dedicated to a single security level, some facilities house multiple levels. The Department of Correction is headquartered at:

3400 Martin Luther King Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
(405) 425-2695

How Do I Visit an Inmate?

To visit an inmate, interested parties must first confirm that they have been approved for a visit. This can be done by contacting the housing facility and completing a visitor’s request form as well as submitting a copy of a valid government-issued I.D. Once cleared, visitors may remain on the approved list for up to three years. While the Oklahoma Department of Corrections has oversight over correctional institutions, operational details such as the length of visits, visiting privileges, and the number of visiting days permitted are all established by the housing facility.

Generally, the number of hours permitted each week for visits varies with an inmate’s security level. Minimum security inmates may be permitted up to eight hours per week while maximum-security inmates may be restricted to four hours or less. Visiting times may include state-recognized holidays and weekends, depending on the facility.

Can Anyone Visit Inmates in Oklahoma State Prison?

Only approved visitors are permitted to visit inmates. Visitors under 18 are allowed to visit inmates, as long as they are accompanied by an approved visitor, parent or legal guardian. To become an approved visitor, members of the public must submit a completed Visitor’s request form, including a copy of a valid, government-issued photo I.D, such as a passport, military card or driver’s license. Minors will be required to provide documentation to prove their identity, such as a birth certificate. Items permitted during a visit will depend on different factors, including the facility’s security level.

Names of ODOC Correctional Inmate Facilities in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections organizes security levels into four main groups: maximum, medium, minimum, and community. Most of the correctional facilities in the state are dedicated to housing only one group of inmates. Below are the names of state prisons and correctional inmate facilities managed by the Oklahoma Department of Correction.

Charles E. "Bill" Johnson Correctional Center
1856 E. Flynn Street
Alva, OK 73717-3005
(580) 327-8000
Fax: (580) 327-8018

Clara Waters Community Corrections Center
9901 N I-35 Service Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73131-5228
(405) 254-3200

Dick Conner Correctional Center
129 Conner Road
Hominy, OK 74035-0220

Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center
400 Oak Street
Taft, OK 74463-0315
Phone: (918) 683-8365

Enid Community Corrections Center
2020 E. Maine Avenue
Enid, OK 73701-6445
Phone: (580) 977-3800
Fax: (580) 977-3834

Howard McLeod Correctional Center
19603 E. Whippoorwill Lane
Atoka, OK 74525-8415
Phone: (580) 889-6651
Fax: (580) 889-2264

Jackie Brannon Correctional Center
900 N. West Street
McAlester, OK 74502-1999
Phone: (918) 421-3339
Fax: (918) 426-0004

James Crabtree Correctional Center
216 N. Murray Street
Helena, OK 73741-1017
Phone: (580) 852-3221
Fax: (580) 852-3104

Jess Dunn Correctional Center
601 South 124th Street West
Taft, OK 74463-0316
Phone: (918) 682-7841
Fax: (918) 682-4372

Jim E. Hamilton Correctional Center
53468 Mineral Springs Road
Hodgen, OK 74939-3064
Phone: (918) 653-7831
Fax: (918) 653-7813

John H. Lilley Correctional Center
407971 Hwy 62E.
Boley, OK 74829
Phone: (918) 667-3381
Fax: (918) 667-3959

Joseph Harp Correctional Center
Physical Address
16161 Moffat Rd.
Lexington, OK 73051-0548
Phone: (405) 527-5593
Fax: (405) 527-4841

Kate Barnard Correctional Center
3300 Martin Luther King Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73111
Phone: (405) 425-2900
Fax: (405) 425-2911

Lawton Community Corrections Center
605 Southwest Coombs Road
Lawton, OK 73501-8294
Phone: (580) 248-6703
Fax: (580) 355-1081

Lexington Assessment and Reception Center
15151 State Highway 39
Lexington, OK 73051
Phone: (405) 527-5676
Fax: Main: (405) 527-9892

Mabel Bassett Correctional Center
29501 Kickapoo Rd.
McLoud, OK 74851-8339

Phone: (405) 964-3020
Fax: (405) 964-3014

Mack Alford Correctional Center
1151 North Highway 69
Stringtown, OK 74569-0220
Phone: (580) 346-7301
Fax: (580) 346-7214

Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center
442586 E. 250 Road
Vinita, OK 74301
Phone: (918) 256-3392, (918) 256-4422
Fax: (918) 256-2108

North Fork Correctional Center
1605 East Main
Sayre, Oklahoma 73662
Phone: (580) 928-8000
Fax: (580) 928-8099

Oklahoma State Penitentiary
1301 N. West St.
McAlester, OK 74502-0097
Phone: (918) 423-4700
Fax: (918) 423-3862

Oklahoma State Reformatory
1700 East First Street
Granite, OK 73547-0514
Phone: (580) 480-3700

Oklahoma City Community Corrections Center
315 West I-44 Service Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73118-7634
Phone: (405) 463-7800
Fax: (405) 463-7848

Union City Community Corrections Center
700 North Highway 81
Union City, OK 73090
Phone: (405) 483-5900

William S. Key Correctional Center
3946 U.S. Highway 270
Fort Supply, OK 73841-9718
Phone: (580) 766-2224
Fax: (580) 766-2908

How to Obtain Inmate Records from Oklahoma County and City Jails

Most of the counties and municipalities in Oklahoma provide an online web-service that members of the public can use to locate inmates or obtain inmate information. For instance, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office provides an online public access search platform that reveals the status of inmates, while Tulsa County maintains an online Inmate Information Center that is designed to help residents locate information about inmates. General records of inmates held in detention or county jails managed by the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office can be found using the county’s inmate information system. Comanche County provides a similar inmate information service (for current inmates only).

How Do I Obtain Inmate Records from Oklahoma State Prisons

The Oklahoma Department of Correction maintains an online searchable database that members of the public can use to find records. Interested parties can conduct searches using a known OK DOC number, first name, last name or date of birth. Searches can be expanded to include inmate records with similar-sounding names or known aliases. Search results provide basic data, such as the inmate’s name, gender, DOC number, and housing facility. Results may also include the inmate’s offense, conviction date, and discharge date.

In addition, the ODO provides a downloaded database of available public inmate data. It contains public inmate information on inmates, including statuses, reception dates, and names. Further records may be obtained by contacting the records coordinator or administrative assistant of the DOC Offenders Records Department. Members of the public may also be able to obtain information by visiting the mailing a request to the department of correction at:

P.O. Box 11400
Oklahoma City, OK 73136-0400
Phone: (405) 425-2500
Fax: (405) 425-2578

How Do I Obtain Closed Inmate Records from Oklahoma State Prison

The Oklahoma ODOC provides a web setup for obtaining closed records. Interested parties can search for records with this service using a known DOC number. Requests for close records may also be directed to the Closed Records Manager at:
(405) 425-2990 (primary line)
(405) 425-2982 (secondary line)
Fax: (405) 425-2963

Sources of information for closed records may include data imaged records, microfilm, reception ledgers, and medical files.

Oklahoma State Archives

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Main building of former Canadian County Jail

Canadian County Jail (former)

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