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Canadian County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Criminal Statistics

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation publishes annual crime statistical data of various counties and cities as part of the nationwide Uniform Crime Reporting Program manned by the FBI. The 2018 report indicated an 8.6% rise in the index crime rate in Canadian county. According to reports by local law enforcement agencies, the county's crime rate per 1000 increased from 15.55 in 2017 to 16.89 in the subsequent year.

The increase in crime rate was mostly the result of the spike in incidences of motor-vehicle theft, which jumped 45% in the 12-month span, as well as larceny-theft and offenses of breaking and entering which increased by 6.6% and 13.4% respectively. On the other hand, most violent crimes, including murder, rape, and robbery recorded only slight changes in frequency with incidents of murder going from 0 reported in 2017 to 2 in 2018, rape from 21 reported incidents to 24 in 2018 while robbery increased 8.3% from 12 reported incidents in 2017 to 13 in 2018. Surprisingly, felonious assault declined by 6.5% to 100 reported incidents in 2018 putting total reported total index crimes at 1,446 offenses in 2018.

Criminal Records

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is the custodian of statewide criminal history information, the Bureau processes requests for criminal background checks and records as provided by law. Similarly, the Canadian County Sheriff's Office serves as the county's main law enforcement agency and is tasked with maintaining and disseminating county-level criminal records.

How to get Criminal Records

The Records Division of the Canadian County Sheriff's office manages records of misdemeanor and felony arrests as well as details of conviction histories and dispositions of persons residing within county limits. The Division processes requests for criminal records for employment and licensing purposes, as well as arrest records and police reports. To obtain a record or report, interested persons may make in-person queries to the Sheriff's office during office hours.

Name-based requests will require the requesting party to provide relevant information regarding the subject, including their full name, date of birth and social security number. On the other hand, fingerprint-based requests require that the subject of the record visit the office in person in order to provide a full set of fingerprints. For any request, the applicant will be expected to provide a current state-issued photo ID along with a payment of $10 for criminal background checks. Criminal record requests and related queries may be made to:

Canadian County, Sheriff's Office
208 W Rogers
El Reno, OK 73036
Phone: (405) 422-3187

How to find Sex Offender Information

The Canadian County Sheriff's office is tasked with registering and monitoring in-county sex offenders. All information regarding these offenders is published on the Oklahoma Sex & Violent Offender Registry which features details of offender locations within the state as well as their compliance status and their conviction history based on the Federal and State Offender Level Designation System.

Interested persons may search the registry by the first/last name of the offender or by the city in which they are domiciled. The Department of Corrections also operates an Oklahoma Email Notification System with which Canadian County residents can retrieve information regarding newly registered sex offenders in specific locations or notable changes in compliance status.

Where and How to Get Inmate Information

Detainee-specific information can be obtained from the Canadian County Detention Center Vine. Interested persons may view inmate status on the VINE and register to receive online notifications regarding an offender custody status.

How to Get Jail Information

The Canadian County Detention Center is managed by the County Sheriff's office which disseminates information regarding the facility as well as its resident detainees. With an average daily population of around 300 inmates, it's located at:

304 N. Evans
El Reno, OK 73036

County residents may make jail and inmate-related queries to detention center staff at (405) 422-3188 or by perusing the Detention Center page.

Court Records

Where and How to Get Court Records

The office of the Canadian County Court Clerk is charged with maintaining a variety of locally relevant records. Records managed by the office include filings and proceedings of cases heard by the county court as well as records pertaining to real property and land ownership or transfer.

Interested persons may obtain copies of court records that have been deemed non-confidential by law. These records can be obtained by querying the Clerk's office via mail or by self-serving online using the Court Docket Search Tool.

Online access requires the requestor to furnish the Search Tool with details of the names of the parties involved and/or the case file number of the requested record. Records uploaded on the portal will be provided within minutes of the query, and the requestor may be required to pay a fee to view or print the record. Mail queries can be made by sending a written request to the clerk's office stating relevant details of the case including the names of the defendant, plaintiff, and litigant as well as the case file number of the record, and the date of filing. Requests must be enclosed along with a cheque or money order payment of $5 record search fee (plus $1 per page of the document), and a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Record requests may be mailed to:

Canadian County Court Clerk
301 N. Choctaw Avenue
P.O. Box 730
El Reno, OK 73036
Phone: (405) 295-6000
Fax: (405) 422-2429

Similarly, property records may be accessed from the Document Center. This will require information regarding the property or its recording details.

Location of all Courts in County

Listed below are the addresses and contact information of courthouses in Canadian County, Oklahoma:

Canadian County District Court
Canadian County Judicial Building
301 North Choctaw Avenue,
P.O. Box 730,
El Reno, OK 73036
Phone: (405) 295-6100

Calumet Municipal Court
118 West 2nd Street,
P.O. Box 190,
Calumet, OK 73014
Phone: (405) 893-2323

El Reno Municipal Court
101 North Choctaw,
El Reno, OK 73036
Phone: (405) 295-9320
Fax: (405) 262-1586

Mustang Municipal Court
1501 North Mustang Road,
Mustang, OK 73064
Phone: (405) 376-4521
Fax: (405) 376-7759

Okarche Municipal Court
103 West Oklahoma Avenue,
Okarche, OK 73762
Phone: (405) 263-7290

Piedmont Municipal Court
400 Edmond Road NW,
P.O. Box 488,
Piedmont, OK 73078
Phone: (405) 373-5216
Fax: (405) 373-5211

Union City Municipal Court
101 North Elm Avenue,
P.O. Box 36,
Union City, OK 73090
Phone: (405) 483-5509

Yukon Municipal Court
532 West Main Street,
Yukon, OK 73099
Phone: (405) 354-4264
Fax: (405) 350-7584

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Vital Records

The Oklahoma State Department of Health is the state's repository of birth and death records. Requests for records of births and deaths which occur in Canadian County may be made to the State Department, as these are not issued at the county level. On the other hand, the Canadian County Clerk's Office maintains and provides public access to records of births and deaths which occur within its jurisdiction. However, the eligibility requirements for accessing birth and death records differ from the conditions for accessing marriage or divorce records, and so do the fees.

Where and How to Get Divorce Records

Records of divorces granted by the Canadian County Court are maintained and issued by the office of the Court Clerk. Interested persons may obtain these records using Court Docket Search Tool, or by sending a written request to the Clerk's office via mail.

To access a divorce record using the Search Tool, the requestor must know and provide details of the divorce -- including its date, the names of the former spouses as well as the case filed number of the divorce record (if known). Mail requests require the requesting party to prepare a written note which should state the aforementioned details. The request must be accompanied by a cheque or money order payment of $5 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope which should be sent to:

Canadian County Court Clerk
301 N. Choctaw Avenue
P.O. Box 730
El Reno, OK 73036
Phone: (405) 295-6000
Fax: (405) 422-2429

Where and How to Get Marriage Records

Requests for marriage records are processed by the Marriage License Unit of the Court Clerk's office which is charged with issuing a license to intending couples in Canadian county. The office only retains and disseminates records of licenses. To request a record, interested persons may make in-person or mail queries to the office. This will require the applicant to provide details of the marriage including the date and place of the marriage, the full names of the spouses (including maiden names) and the marriage certificate number (if known). Requestors will also be charged a standard record charge fee, as well as any additional fees if record certification is requested. Marriage record requests may be made to:

Canadian County Court Clerk
301 N. Choctaw Avenue
P.O. Box 730
El Reno, OK 73036
Phone: (405) 295-6000
Fax: (405) 422-2429

Where and How to get Birth and Death records

In compliance with Oklahoma state laws, birth and death records are only issued to persons who meet the birth certificate eligibility requirements or death certificate eligibility requirements. However, eligible persons may access these records by querying the Oklahoma State Department of Health in person or via mail.

The requesting party is required to download, complete and notarize the Birth Certificate Request Form or the Death Certificate Request Form. The forms must be legibly filled and accompanied by a photocopy of a legal photo ID of the requestor, the full fees (as indicated on the form) and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. These should be submitted in person or via mail to:

Vital Records
Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 NE 10th Street,
P.O. Box 53551
Oklahoma City, OK